Marge is active in the field of designing, from design-object to masterplan, from small to very large. More than just an architecture-studio, Marge is a design-studio. Our activities reach about every scale, still always with the same love for the detail, the meaning and het particular. The easy way out is by far the most interesting when it comes to quality. Marge stands for an elaborate and qualitative service which offers a razor-sharp answer to the client’s questions. We have a passion for that which is groundbreaking and relevant. The quality and depth of the design process are the tools to reach the unique.

Individuals, project-developers, companies and public services are amongst our clients. Marge has experience with public procurement and (protected) heritage.

With design-objects, both on demand or born out of curiosity, attention is payed to deliver a customized answer fitting the design-question. In the search for the core of the matter, the distilling of the question and what it means to shape a certain use, the answer is often discovered.

The architectural project starts out with the same principle of a custom answer. No two projects are the same. During the design process profound and elaborate conversations with the client are held about his wishes and needs, using design research, to get to the core of the design question. How is one living now? How would one like to live in the future? What does it mean when there’s a hole in the floor of rather when a space becomes twice as high? How will that be experienced? This iterative process of frequent feedbacking creates a connectivity of the client to the design process. Together the project is realized.

A masterplan studies on a larger scale a building, building-complexes, sites and works out on a more abstract level a clear vision of development, most of the time without specifically designing. Drafting such a masterplan also always starts with a profound analysis of the existing situation and the research question. A thoroughly understanding of the matter leads to funded and often unexpected solutions and answers.

Doing expertise projects the same thoroughness is practiced. An expertise study can be ranging from a professional place-description, a feasibility-study to a technical advice or advice when purchasing a building or buildings.

Photo: Leen Van Severen