Order of Architects
Marge architecten bv bvba is registered on the table of the provincial Council of the Order of Architects of East Flanders

Marge is covered for civil professional liability for all assignments in Belgium by insurance company EUROMAF, Polis nr: 8100866J. Euromaf Belgium is located at Paepsemlaan 11, block A bus 4, 1070 Brussels and has VAT number BE 478.841.983, website, email Marge is insured for the following capital; Physical damage: € 1,500,000 per claim, Non-material and material damage mixed: € 500,000 per claim, Entrusted property: € 10,000 per claim

Codes of conduct
For a list of the codes of conduct to which the company is subject we refer to the regulations of professional duties on the site of the Order of Architects.

Photo: Leen Van Severen