Possibilities and impossibilities through deviation

Twofolded art intervention dealing with the objective and the subjective of the anomalies occuring in a specific attic

Ghent, 2017

The artists are asking the architects to plan an intervention in the attic. The architects look at the space and determine that are quite a few particular things going on. After all, architects like to occupy themselves with thinking about spaces and the particularities they possess.

The anomaly is the deviation, the exception to the system, to the expected pattern. The fascination for the deviation often wins, coming to architects, opposing to the known. It’s not exactly clear if the anomaly in this case is a wish or a curse. Is the anomaly a thorn in the thigh of rather the beauty spot on a neutral carrier? In any case the anomaly makes a statement about both itself and about the system from which it apparently feels like deviating. The question is from what system she’s the exception.

There are two sorts of deviations here in the attic, the one limiting and the other liberating, or so it seems. The one perfectly measurable, the other hardly tangible. An inventory on paper and in the space itself maps all breaches to contemporary regulations. Prose-texts discuss the deviations on the archetypes of a default attic, the identity and the experience, the mental construction in the mind.

They both solve nothing. They are not opposed to each other in a way that one has to make it from the other. They are both equally present. They are a way of the architect to get a grip on the space. To understand it, to reveal it, and eventually, to experience it.

3 proza texts for 3 peculiar architectural elements
300 labels scattered around, attatched to violations of laws and standards
Brochure en legend

On-site installation in a project space in an attic
Part of "The Art of how to Waste Space", Attik, Ghent
22nd of december 2016

plan with violations  

violations on chimney  

violations on floor  







violations on railing  

violation on light  

violations on dormer