Concrete Boat

Walk-in workshop with locals and real concrete boat, to proof concrete floats on water. Now part of the permanent collection of the Verbeke Foundation, accompanied with a publication. for sale.

The waterfront is a margin. It's a fragile zone in which two realities meet. Not being defined by the one or the other, it is mainly the coming together of them which gives shape to the waterfront, which extends meaning. The waterfront is a threshold. Crossing over from one to the other reality is not impossible, but somewhat inconvenient. The waterfront is a gap. Even if it's as flat as the beach. It's fascinating, because we don't really belong on the other side. It demonstrates our clumsiness. Quay, pier, breakwater. We don't want to give in. So we built a boat.

A boat is cheating. Trying to get some land over to the other side. An island without any tectonic origin. A pier without waterfront. Don't give in. A boat in a slap in the face. Or an ode, i don't know. Stone is of the land. Atlantis is stone across the border. So we built a boat. Out of concrete.

Efficency doesn't always mean interesting and absurdity and uselessness has some humor to it. In the history of shipping a great effort was devoted to lightness. Could concrete float? Yeah sure, but the waterline says we were cutting it pretty close.

The concrete should appear in a not all to akward shape. Preferably: boatshaped. But also it shouldn't be too heavy, so not too thick. A classic rebar shape, clad with wire mesh and mortar. No granulates. An old variation of concrete, but still very effective.

Walk-in workshop: 22 till 26 august 2011
Launch: 4 november 2011

Concrete Boat, 361kg, 2,5m (l) x 1,16m (b) x 0,75m (h) x 0,03m (d)

As seen in: Het Nieuwsblad 20/08/2011, The AVS news 4/11/11, Het Nieuwsblad 05/11/2011, Beton nr. 214 – january 2012, Het Laatste Nieuws

Together with Leefgroep Elf

This project was made possible by:
DOK, the City of Ghent, the University of Ghent, FeBe, Bureau Bouwtechniek and Hubo.


concrete boat  

concrete boat  

concrete boat