Ferrocement Coffeetable

Very heavy tabletop with upside-down trestles

2012, final prototype, sold to professional client

Above the ground –at what one could call coffee-height- we find the ferrocement tabletop. Made out of concrete, rock, but thin. Even thinner on the edges than in the center. And underneath that, two wooden trestles. Upside down. Collecting weight and getting rid of it.

You can’t say that they seem to be made for each other, those two, one heavy and permanent, one light and temporary. But still. A table is a surface on a relevant height. A table is a tabletop and legs; the legs carry the tabletop that you use to put your coffee on.

Ferrocement tabletop, handmade in the Marge atelier, 110kg
Wooden trestles, colourless oiled, two
139cm x 94cm x 2,5cm; 44cm high

side view  

front view  


detail of leg connection  

detail of surface  

testing the strength  

concept illustrations