Advise loose furniture and interior design and desiging versatile, calm and winking fixed furniture in an apartment

The apartment is an apartment in the sense that it is not a loft; the apartment has walls that form rooms. The rooms need fixed furniture to make them work. In some rooms there are even niches to suggest where this can take place. The use is varied, but the language must be clear: light, clear, warm, sometimes with a playful joke or unexpected gesture. An ergonometric set of thought-out lines with thought-out heights ensures that the multitude remains calm and feels like a unit.

Corridor. A sofa where you can put your shoes under. Shelves for keys, niches for gloves. The handles of the wall units are very large. So large that you can hang your coat on it. Everything has a place. The umbrella drips out in the space provided.
Screen room. The panels fold in all directions and show a screen or not. A workplace or a game place depending on the user. There are also blocks with thick cushions. Someone has shifted the blocks in a crazy shape. The magnets correct the randomness and force patterns. Last week all the blocks were together and someone was sleeping on them. Today they are focused around a second screen like a circle.

Child's room. The niche is filled. Clothing disappear behind white. There is an open compartment, the material serves as a notice board. A personal exhibition of tickets and cards, carefully framed.

Master bedroom. An exploded night table, completely out of control. It actually starts with the bed. Custom made with drawers underneath. Becomes a bedside table. Becomes a dressing. Here again cavities. Cavity with sink. Cavity with clothes, out in the open, they can be seen. Cavity to sit after a shower. The man is dripping in the box provided.

The furniture is mainly white, just like the walls. They are not walls of course, they have handles because they are cupboards, very large handles, very long handles. A ladder is attached in the handles. A towel hangs to dry in some handles. The handles are staggered, since they must not be in each other's way. The handles are in light wood. There is also some moss color in the form of upholstery. Sometimes you can sit or lean on the fabric. Sometimes things can be stuck on the fabric. Sometimes you can sit and keep on sitting and drip a little until you are dry.

Johnny Umans
VDB-design (fixed furniture)
Motief Atelier (fabric)