Servant of the court

Renovation of terraced house where a high garden room humbly mediates the house with a very wild garden.

Ghent, 2019-..., private client

A completely wild and bewildering city garden. We squeeze ourselves through the thick folliage. This is not an exaggeration. At the first visit, this is even more striking than the home itself. For the residents too, they love it. This is intentional. Their personal eden, shared with the birds. We agree on one another: the renovation will do justice to this garden.

The plan is simple in itself: simple but neatly stacked spaces around a new, more compact stairwell. Then a rear building. The plot is doing something strange here: it goes from very wide to very narrow. The funnel is located at the position of the rear building. What we lose in width is won in height. The rear building becomes a very high garden room, allowing the light deep into the home. Due to the high windows we can look at the eden. The facade is opened and we can step in. There is no real pavement, no terrace, the feet touch the moss and grass. The massive parts of the rear building, such as the eaves, are overgrown. Branches hang off as you would imagine it on ruins. The joinery has a brown-green color. Walking deeper into the garden the building seems to fade itself. It is not gone, but it is humbly present. The building does not shout in eden, but it whispers.

Stabimi (structure)
2BSafe (energy, ventilation and safety)