Feasibility study for the integration of an office function in an industrial hall, as a large rack whose content changes over time.

Duffel, professional customer, 2018, not realized, in collaboration with PongPing Studio and Freestone

A large company has a large hall, among other things. The hall is completely closed, you cannot look in or out; a pity, because there is a nice grove close by. The company would like to be able to look in the hall, through offices, they suggest on the side wall. If you can also look out of the hall that is a bonus. Due to the proximity of the forest and an important main access to the site, the idea is suggested to design the building so that it can later become a visitor center. In any case, the building should be a kind of disk in height, because buildings that are too thick no longer fit in with that location.

Even better than the side is from the front, on the head of the hall. Advantage: one looks deep into the hall and vice versa from the hall a kind of interesting end point is realized. A point at the end of the sentence. Advantage: people enjoy sun and forest, both in the office building and from the hall. Advantage: the building, which will someday become a visitor center, gets good visibility from the site's approach road, instead of being around the corner. The building is not really a building, but a very large rack where people are sitting. The rack is in the hall and not in front, to protect the forest and the path as much as possible. The rack is like a storage rack, the structure serves to change the contents. There is a thing at the head of the hall; a title, a heading.

view from small forest  

view from hall  

office setup  

visitor centre  

explanatory schemes  

ground floor  

first floor  

second floor