Kine In form

Designing and organizing a compact physiotherapy practice in the basement of a mansion.

Ghent, 2018, professional client

It fits in well. It fits smoothly, if you search long enough how the puzzle pieces hook together. In the basement of the mansion - before the maiden or servant 's grounds - we will get back to work. No longer fires and cooking pots, but this time crosstrainers and treatment tables. A physiotherapy practice, compactly organized as a place of strengthening and healing.
The program is arranged mainly in two large rooms, each with a door to the waiting room, which also has a toilet attached to it. A treatment room and a practice room. The basement has its own staircase, the private part of the house also has one. The original terrazzo floor is discovered when the gray tiles are removed. A century old, with some breaches, it is being restored. The historic doors are also being restored. Walls and ceilings were already lost in a previous renovation, they are being finished again, with light lines from wall to wall.

There has always been a gap between the two spaces. A door needs to be placed in the hole, but sliding doors are clumsy here and classic revolving doors are also annoyingly wide when opened. The door panels are thus broken, again in two, so that they can fold on themselves and largely disappear in the thickness of the wall. The door panels are wooden frames that are held rigid by attaching matt yellow plexiglass to them. Filling becomes structure.
From the same pair of sleeves a sheet. There will also be two more shelves and a table. They consist also of wooden frames. There are shelves in and on and actually in between. The shelves are stained yellow. At the top they have the same shadow joint detail as the door frame. A family of wooden frames. On the walls there is felt here and there. This dampens the sound and provides the room with emotional warmth. You can also pin things on it.

Atelier Ternier (carpentry)
Hannes Dhondt (plasterworks)
Gregory Elias (elektricity)
Tondat (terrazzo restauration)