Closet of rooms

The lateral extension of a home that closes the street and opens up the possibilities.

The terraced house actually turns out to be a half-open building: next to the house a gate has been included in the brickwork, behind it a space: a driveway? The house is cute and compact, but also too compact, and was extended backwards in a previous phase. The house is actually still too compact. There is no more room at the back, but there is on the side. The space between the two blind facades is colored in: the house widens itself into a terraced house.

The slender side building slides into the mold of the space between the two houses. The missing puzzle piece. The slender side construction is a plug-and-play element on the scale of the home. A cupboard for family life. It houses a brutal play area, resistant to muddy children's footsteps; an urban garage, children's rooms and a loft to the kitchen. She approaches the main building, accessible without additional corridors or stairs.

When limited width is a matter, you build as slim as possible. A slender timber frame construction combines structure and thermal performance. The cupboard is behind the gate. Many decades ago, the original architect seems to have predicted this maneuver: the decorative bricks and frames of the facades are just about the corner. The volume also has lines and color. The profiled steel plate shines in the evening sun. A child is curled up with a book in a mini bay window.