Similar to a science café, but it’s about art related themes. It’s not a debate, nor a panel discussion. Rather it’s an informal conversation. Chit chat. There’s no conclusion or result. There’s coffee and cake though. Each time there’s also a patron of the conversation. A promotor. His oeuvre and views give rise to the central theme of the conversation.

Marge launches a series of conversations about art. People from all fields of interest are kindly invited to consume cake, coffee and knowledge with us. The value of a conversation. In the tradition of Hans Ulrich Obrist, the rich back-and-forth feedback of the conversation is being recorded on tape. That way a transcript may be produced later. Join us at the table, the dessert forks are on your right.

Registration is free, mail to info@margeprojecten.be. Places limited to ten people

#1 Eef Thoen: Art for the artist or for the others? A conversation about the importance of the process, the final result and the question for whom art actually really is intended.
Sunday 10th of february 2013, 15-17h. Keizer Karelstraat 140, 9000 Gent.