Stool with triangles and a translucent seat

2012, final prototype, sold in small volumes

Three points make up a plane and then it can’t get all wiggly. A tripod. Just like the tail of a comet. Legs like stilts. And if you let those legs fan and spread out to a hexagon, then you've got a surface to sit on. Or to leave that houseplant on for a while.

Around the rebars on top, a membrane of reinforced polyester is stretched. Not too thick and moreover you can vaquely look through. But it’s strong and firm enough for you. Or your houseplant.

32cmx32cm, 45cm high
Handmade in the Marge atelier
Glassfiber reinforced polyester top surface, 4mm, with protecting polyurethane topcoat
Metal rebars, 8mm

220 euro (TAV included)
Now available - mail us for more info

top view  


bottom view  

detail of polyester