A semi-detached house, three levels, three facades. A lot of facade in comparison to the floor space. Also a good orientation, the sun takes a run-up and reels itself around every piece of brick. There are wishes and problems, they’re categorized by level. Groud floor: a dark, small kitchen tucked away in a corner of the house, a storage room between living spaces and garden. Big garden, but no window. Strangers that have yet to meet. First floor: reorganisation, a small bathroom at the front of the house seems the key. Attic: nice wood truss, everything else needs a do-over, once inside the isolated volume, a bedroom. Three levels, three interventions? The house demands a pact.

Three times the same principle: all secondary, ‘service’ spaces up against the (only) shared wall and a garland of primairy spaces around it, all up against the facades, there were there is light. Stacking the service spaces also simplifies the technical part of the story. There are specific plans, they are categorized by level. Ground floor: the storage room gets send to the dark corner, around it three living spaces: two existing and one new, a kitchen. The garden comes to meet the house, the house greets with a window in the back facade. The window shifts into the facade of the kitchen, which turns away to the advantage of the grass, of the light. The third room, a cabin made of wooden columns and beams, lots of glass, a canopy mediates the sun. Where the canopy is the most large, it’s also the highest up. The room, a wedge inbetween sight, light and grass. First floor: the bathroom in the back, on top of the storage and bigger. In front a new storage, the attic has other business to deal with now. Attic: one big closet with storage, a new stair, a toilet, equipment. New roof on top of the old truss. Mirror and make-up-table over by the chimney. A window is opened. The garden party secretly sneaks inside with a summer breeze.

Renovation of house extension, bathroom and attic of a one family dwelling.


diagram - reorganizing functions  


view from kitchen  

attic view  

ground floor  

floor +1  

floor +2