Crates Cabinet

Very tall cabinet with a mezzanine from OSB and industrial folding boxes,

Antwerp, 2012, private client, in collaboration withRooilijn Architectuur

Against a very tall wall one could stack a serious amount of books, maybe not just on a pile, but neatly in a cabinet. A bookcase is not just an archive or storage. The bookcase exposes and hides, stores and arranges. The bookcase is about exploring, choosing and not being able to choose. So many books. To be able to access all those books, a passway branches off from the existing mezzanine. There, the furniture becomes a little bit architecture, it forms a specific place to choose, to read.

There is a carrier and a carried. The osb-columns bridge floor to ceiling, firmly and thick. Sometimes the column becomes a beam to form the passway. And then back to column again to make a handrail. The space in between the columns is filled up with red and blue folding boxes, 85 of them. When folded open they are closed drawers, when folded flat they form firm shelves. Within the fixed supporting system of wood columns, the pattern of boxes changes, a drawing of exposing and hiding, of choosing and not being able to choose.

OSB- construction, 5.6m high, stained black
PE industrial folding boxes, bright red en blue, 85



Execution: Peter De Boel


detail of plinth  

detail of passway  


detail of columns