Stool with a cross where the pieces hook together

2013, final prototype and sold in small volumes

Something to tie your shoelace on. Or to sit on. Nicely upright, because it hasn’t got a back. How do you make a piece of stump, but fabricated from sheets? Three sheets already suffice. Crossed, you can notice that on top.

Three sheets grip into eachother; two the same are the legs and one on top, the smallest, to sit on. Full sheets would have worked, but perhaps that’s a bit too much. Better leave out the unnecessary. Just like two bridge piers. Or a vault. And now tying that shoelace.

30cm x 30cm x 45cm
Birch-plywood, 1.5cm; darkbrown shuttering panel, 1.8cm; lasercut
Colorless varnished, assembled and finished in the Marge atelier

85 euro (TAV included)
Now available – mail us for more info


bottom view  

detail of cross inlay