Minimal and jolly wallcabinet with the colors of everbody's favourite parrot

2017 - 2019, final prototype

All sorts of stuff just keeps laying around, piling up and taking up floorspace. This is somewhat annoying since walking around takes place on the floor. All that stuff would better be hanging from the wall, since we’re not walking on walls. So the people want a cabinet and they want to store all those different things. Books, records, binders, toys, appliances, backpacks, a writing desk. Preferably dense, but also light. Preferably a lot of storage, but also keeping its distance of the edges of the space: the moldings, the sides, the parquet. An open cabinet which allows the space to breathe.

Uninterrupted white garlands crawling over the white wall, marking themselves by their shadows. They only slightly dot the wall with their round beaks and because of that almost seem afloat. On their loops thin shelves are resting. White underneath where it is dark, grey on top where the dust settles, bright yellow as side mark. More than carrying objects, they preserve the rigidity of the slender cabinet. In between the shelves: nothing. Or almost nothing. Yet something. Boxes with blurry ghosts. The objects are stored away and the cabinet renders itself airy. An agile explorer of your domestic jungle.

Steel figure, plasmacut, white powdercoat
Full Colour Laminate, white and grey surfaces, yellow in mass
Sanded perspex

Andersconstruct (steel)
Atelier Ternier (boards and boxes)









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