Feasabilitystudy for the reorganisation and renovation of a detached, gingerbread house

De Pinte, 2016, private client

In between street and ditch, detached, a gingerbread house. An authentic Flemish home, dating from the fifties. A house with bay windows, dormers, extensions, moldings, chimneys; a plinth made from rubble stone. The house seems to symbolize a romantic happiness. The house is old, but well maintained. The wooden windows still contain plate glass and the technical installations are aged. A garage, added later on, swings the car all around the house to park it between house and garden. The program is ambitious. We inscribe, into the authenticity of the house.

Different programs, stages and ideas. So different designs. But all cookies of the same dough. The typical imagery and plan-configuration of the house are being used and abused. The scenarios provide cabin-like extension to get the car at the underused northside of the house. Floors are broken away to expand to double-height spaces with trusses. Light and height under the sloped roof are achieved by adding deformed dormers. Windows take on the typical A-shape of the trusses. New cookies using the same dough.

Feasability study for a renovation of a detached house
De Pinte
Study completed

rear facade - phase 1  

south facade - phase 1  

inside view - phase 2  

inside view - phase 2