Boarded Floor Table

A table which thinks she's a floor

2012, final prototype, sold to professional client

Tables are there for –like decency has it- not having to eat of the floor. If we don’t want to get down to the floor, the table will bring up the floor to us. But on legs. If a lot of people gather around that table, it keeps getting bigger, until that table becomes a patch of floor. On legs.

A wooden boarded floor which gathers all the weight and leads it away to his legs, his outer points. First you have the longitudinal beams, those are sturdy large, you can even see them in the upper surface. And in the other direction the transversal beams, less tall, because then you can place boards between the long beams. Completely out of plywood; nice pattern and also sustainable. A table to eat of the floor.

Table for 6 to 8 people.
200 cm x 95 cm, 75 cm high.
Plywood-boards, 1.8cm thick.
Top cerused white, completely varnished

1800 euro (TAV included)

Now available - mail us for more info

Execution: VDB design

top view  

bottom view  

detail of leg connection  

detail of leg connection