Proposition for concrete installation which facilitates the coming togehter of people in post-purpose areas

Helsinki, 2012, competition proposal

As Helsinki is on the move and preparing itself for some major urban transformations, some sites are in between destinations. Temporarily unassigned, they are the wastelands of Helsinki. Once strongly imbedded in the history of the city, they have now become obsolete. Awaiting transition, these places now seem temporarily deserted and abandoned. In reality, a new range of social and cultural activities is already settling in these newly post-purpose areas.

RESET accepts this reality and provides a place for wasteland-residents to start all over again. Like tribesman or hobos, RESET builds a place to gather around a fire, perhaps the first and most commonly understood step in forming a community. A staged fire pit, whilst not being a building and not even really being a pavilion, provides the most low-tech infrastructure in facilitating this coming together.

In a certain margin between two defined eras, reset can occur. A degree of freedom not occuring in planned society. A temporarily blank canvas that allows it all.

Workshop proposal

7 ferrocement structures, 4 meters high, 8 centimeters thick

model top view  

model detail  

poster detail