Toilet Cabinet

Big plan for the smallest room

Ghent, 2015, private client

Occupied means occupied. The smallest room is a big obstacle: when in use no passage is possible to the basement. The gatekeeper doesn’t make exceptions. Slipping past him requires a subtle passage, preferably accessing from the kitchen. There isn’t much space, so use it sensible.

The toilet moves forward, up from under that low landing. The door is positioned oblique, that way a washbasin fits right in. There’s a mirror attached to it on the outside, final check before going out the door. Above the door a fanlight. Occupied. The sidewall assumes the thickness of the empty space between the stringers. Stacking in the wall, sometimes from the stair, sometimes from the toilet. A kitchen cupboard swings aside, a stair to the basement reveals itself. No secret order there, but rather a handy stack-space for the potatoes.

Corridorfurniture with toilet, cabinet and secret passage

Sint-Amandsberg, Gent


cross section  

ground floor