Renovation of a pitched roof and attic-rooms of a row-house with the use of doubtful borders

Ghent, 2017 - 2018, private client

Winter came again. Classic problem: a not-insulated roof in bad condition with underneath a number of dusky, low spaces. The roof sags even more than can be expected of an old purlin roof. New roof with new expectations. One wants to accommodate guests there, linger in the drawing studio and store stuff like is to be expected of an attic.

The storing and sleeping and lingering usually doesn’t happen at the same time. Preferably rooms without walls then, let’s do something more ambiguous, let the space continue flowing. Beneath the triangle a mezzanine floor is suspended, aligned with the staircase underneath. Past the stairs, steel and glass partition, past that a parked curtain, past that someone’s reading a magazine. On the other side of the stair, someone draws an animal on some paper. The evening light gets filtered through the poplars and scattered on the field of the space. The curtain closes.


Mouton (structure)
2BSafe (energy and safety consultant)

Dakwerken Longeval Hoste (roofworks)
Andersconstruct (steel and glass interior elements)
Elias Techniek (electrical works)
Maarten Warnez (plasterworks)

closed Waverwall  

open Waverwall