Marge is a young design office that acts in the field of architecture, design, master plan and intervention. There is no narrowing in terms of client or assignment, scale or budget. Everyone is welcome. Complex design assignments are our thing. We do not choose a niche or specific sector, this keeps us awake and alert.

Our work is diverse and eclectic. Style seems no longer relevant. There is a common denominator: approach, attitude, process. Our method of operation is consistent. The design question is always answered in a unique, individual and relevant way through an analytical and iterative process. This does not mean slow or expensive, unless that's desired, but it means razor-sharp tailored to you.

No half work. We go far in our services to realize the customized product. We endeavor to unburden. On the one hand, this is reflected in the extensive range of tasks that we can offer: we have a lot of in-house knowledge and also various specialized partners. On the other hand, this is reflected in our thoroughness. Thoroughness is the key to controlling money, time, technology and form, down to the smallest level of detail.

Marge occurs between different things, without being exclusively one of those things. We consciously look for the edge. The new crystallizes on the edge. At the edge there are several, sometimes opposite, factors: they force you to go beyond the normal. Fertile sludge. The scribbled comment in a book. Something else. A little bit more.